The Secret to Being Happy: Why Being Selfish is a Good Thing

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We all want to be seen as nice and helpful people. We do things for others and try to be selfless. But have you ever stopped to think, why do we want to be seen as selfless? And why does it make us so happy? The truth is, there’s no such thing as being completely selfless. We do things because they make us happy or boost our self-esteem. So, why not embrace our selfish side and be happy about it?

Sometimes we feel like we have to prove ourselves to others, and it can be a lot of pressure. But what if we didn’t have to prove anything to anyone? What if we could just be ourselves and not care about what others think? That would be pretty great, right? And when we stop trying to prove ourselves to others, we don’t have to brag about all the “selfless” things we do. We can just do them because we want to.

When we accept that we’re just as selfish as everyone else, we can start valuing ourselves more. And when we value ourselves, we’ll make sure to take care of ourselves and make ourselves happy. And you know what? That’s okay!

Imagine if you did something nice for someone and they thanked you. Instead of saying “it’s no big deal”, you can say “of course, I’m happy to help” because you know you did it because it made you happy. It’s a win-win situation.

Being selfish doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s all about how we think about it. So, stop trying to be seen as selfless and start embracing your own happiness. It’s okay to want to feel good about yourself, and it’s okay to do things that make you happy. And remember, sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all instead of bragging about how nice you are.

In short, being selfish is not a bad thing. It’s just a matter of perception and everyone does it. Embrace it, be happy about it and don’t brag about it. People will love you for it.

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