Life is supposed to be easy, but it clearly isn’t! It seems more challenging when we are not able to understand the reason behind most of whatever is going on. We spend hours, days and sometimes months trying to figure out the solutions to life’s ongoing problems without realizing that we must understand the problem first. I learnt this the hard way.

For years I did what most people call ‘struggle’ in order to overcome the biggest challenges of life: money, relationships, health, and mental peace to name a few. It took me a long time to realize that I was not really looking for the solutions but escape routes to avoid facing my problems. But when I got tired of running and hiding behind those superficial struggles, I had to finally sit down, take a deep breath and try a distinct perspective with those challenges. And this time, I had no intention of avoiding them or overcoming them because I believed I just couldn’t.

Soon I was surrounded by issues caused by family, love interests and money (or lack of it). For a long time, I did nothing other than getting used to the situation and then slowly, I began to realize why whatever was happening to me was happening to me. I understood where each problem was stemming from and suddenly, they became more manageable (I am being careful not to use the word ‘easy’ because they were anything but that).

By not focusing my energy on looking for an escape, I was able to find viable ways to get rid of the majority of those issues and learnt to live harmoniously with some. This simple thing that I realized after such a lengthy period of trial and error, is that the best way to solve life issues is by breaking them into smaller issues, understanding their cause and then figuring out a way to deal with them. This strategy is remarkably effective and once you get used to it, it feels a lot simpler.

Of course, it is easier said than done! Therefore, I’d like to take you on a journey where we will solve your life’s problems – one at a time. Trust me, a number of people have had the same problems as you – there is nothing unique about them or their solutions.

And eventually, I want you to end up living a much easier life where even the biggest issues do not seem like challenges but just an everyday thing that you can easily take care of.

Hop in!

Always there for you…

– Sachin