About Me

Who am I?

This is me from more than a decade ago. I have some of my more recent pictures on Instagram but I hope you are not here looking for my pictures.

When this picture was taken, my struggle had just begun but little did I know… I can still see that naivete in my eyes. But those were great times regardless because it was the beginning of an interesting journey of possibilities and lessons.

It took me years to figure out what I have been looking for all along. It was not money or success, not even fulfilled dreams. The thing I was and am really looking for is an easy life. A life where there are little to no complications and it is easy to feel happy whenever I want.

Life doesn’t have to be this miserable; afterall, it’s supposed to be a gift, isn’t it?

In order to achieve that, my first priority is getting rid of reasons that stand between me and my happiness. And this is all what this place is about – sharing thoughts and experiences that helped me figure out how to make staying happy easier.

And the only way to do that is learning from the past, implementing those lessons in the present, so you and I can have a future where things are simple, easy and happy!

Feel free to share what your life made you feel so far and take away whatever you can from mine – one step at a time.

Let’s jump into it together!

– Sachin

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