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Four Kinds of Toxic People

Toxic people come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are your friends, family members, colleagues, next door neighbors or just a person you meet on the subway every day. While some make their toxicity obvious from the very beginning, others can be more subtle. But the good news is — you can still identify them and keep your distance.

We are about to step into the new year, and it would be great if we could just leave those toxic people behind to make room for some positive souls. Here are four types of toxic people you must get rid of right away:

The Possessive Kind

The sweetest looking and yet the most venomous kind are the overly possessive people. They start off as caring and concerned but in due time, you realize that they want nothing but control over you. Their tendency to control your life often stems from their own insecurities but they cleverly mask it as their concern for your best interest. But deep down, they know that they cannot survive without you. Therefore, they want you to feel as though you need them so they can comfortably freeload off you.

They do everything to alienate you from the people closest to you because they see them as a threat. They seem normal as long as things go their way but the moment they lose control, all hell breaks loose.

Although co-dependence is an important ingredient of a successful relationship, at the end of the day, you must be in charge of your life. If somebody else has been making decisions for you, you need to show that person out sooner than later.

The Jealous Kind

These are the ones who are nice to your face but won’t miss an opportunity to bring you down. They criticise you behind your back, find ways to undermine you and still exist in your life like a necessary evil. Although they might seem harmless, be wary because they can make their move when you are most vulnerable.

It is true that being surrounded by people who are jealous of you and your achievements is part of our modern work culture. The best way to deal with these people is to keep a safe distance.

Jealousy may originate from the lack of faith in one’s own abilities, or it could be simply because of one’s incapability to achieve what you can. This, in turn, makes them resort to dirty tricks to bring you down.

The silver lining is that such people are weak to the core, and they need you more than you need them. Thus, getting rid of them should not be a big problem.

The Intrusive Kind

You can find these among friends, relatives, and even family members. They simply do not value your privacy. They want to know every little detail about whatever is going on in your life and cannot help offering their ‘expert advice’ in the worst possible situations. Such people are all talk and no action, and do not have a life of their own.

Unfortunately, the only way to deal with such people is to bluntly show them out, otherwise they will keep taking advantage of your kindness. And the sooner you push them away the better because all they have to offer you is self-doubt.

The Competitive Kind

Unlike what they say in books, life is not a race unless you idolize Usain Bolt. We are on our own unique paths leading towards our own unique destinations, so competing makes no sense. On the downside, being competitive makes you constantly compare your life to that of others, and this sucks. Because no matter what you are trying to achieve, comparison hinders your progress.

When you are surrounded by people who constantly compete, you cannot help but start doing the same. And this is where your focus shifts from what you should be doing to what others have done. There is no longer room for creativity or out-of-the-box thinking. Simply put, this path is a downward spiral to being a nobody.

It makes much more sense to look for a workplace where your colleagues are less competitive and more supportive. This helps you elevate your skills while establishing you as a team player. A collaborative work culture will provide you with better growth opportunities than a rat race ever will.

Of course, there are numerous other kinds of toxic people you might come across in your daily life, but these four can easily be misconceived as a positive influence. And this is what makes them most detrimental.

Therefore, like all the things that made you miserable in the past year, it is time you left these toxic people behind too!

Happy New Year


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