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Sunny Leone has more than often been called a threat to Indian culture and society by people with supposedly high moral values. And the reason for this is obviously her past career choice, joining the porn film industry. This woman who, apart from being a porn star, is also a Bollywood celebrity and a successful businesswoman did not reach the position she has achieved today just by luck. It took a lot of struggle, hard work, and courage to do what she has done in her life.

Not every woman from the porn industry can be as successful and famous as she is. And the people who insult her are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Let us compare Sunny Leone’s mentality to the mentality of other “respected” people in India.

Porn: Whether someone accepts it or not but let us be honest with ourselves for a moment and agree to the fact that everybody watches porn. It is certainly a form of entertainment that is enjoyed by everybody in confines of their private rooms but the same people pretend to hate it publicly for the sake of their decent image. Sunny Leone not only accepted porn as a source of entertainment but became a part of it by acting as an entertainer herself. One doesn’t need to be a genius to decide who has been honest so far.

Professionalism: Sunny Leone showed the courage to choose her profession on her own and excelled in it. Her fan following can easily be determined by statistics made public by the search engine, Google. What about our Indian film stars? Aren’t most of these stars just because of their ancestors? Do they really have the talent to be stars? And what do they deliver? Do we find their films entertaining? Do you really call what they do professionalism?

When one pays to watch a porn film about Sunny Leone, he gets the content he paid for: sex. But when the same person pays to watch a Bollywood movie featuring a big star and carrying the name of a big production house, does he get the entertainment he paid for? Decide for yourselves.

Morality: In terms of moral values, she is much better than most Indians. She is the woman who refused to shoot for an item song just because there were kids on the sets and she realized that it was inappropriate for them to see such scenes. Have you ever heard any of our Indian actresses do such a thing? So who has the better moral values? Needless to say that Sunny Leone is a very sensitive and considerate person. She is only doing what an entertainer does, giving people what they want to get entertained. How is that immoral?

Culture: Some ‘brilliant’ people mentioned that Sunny Leone is a threat to Indian culture because more and more people have started watching porn after her debut in Bollywood. I mean really? Didn’t we use to watch porn when there was no internet at all? Who sponsored those late night adult movies on television? I guess Sunny Leone, right? Remember the DPS scandal? Didn’t everybody who was able to get access to the clip watched it and enjoyed it? The name ‘Sunny Leone’ didn’t even exist at that time. So who was responsible? Weren’t all these things a threat to our culture then?

Hypocrisy: Talking about hypocrisy, we all love Sunny Leone when we watch her doing things she does in porn but we avoid talking about the same things just because we are insecure that it might ruin our image. Sex is something which everybody loves to watch and fantasize about it but in public, it is treated as if it is the most disgusting thing in the world. I don’t understand how something that is the reason for our existence can be so disgusting and taboo and that too on the land which is famous for Kama-Sutra, the greatest literature ever created completely focused on sex alone.

Sunny Leone, on the other hand, accepted the fact that sex is a beautiful, entertaining and liberal act, and decided to be a part of it without caring about what others’ opinion might be. She did something that all of us dream about doing but do not have the courage to do so — follow our hearts.

Misogyny: We can often see prominent personalities crying over feminism, misogyny, and objectification of women. But when it comes to Sunny Leone, she is not even treated like a human being. She is constantly insulted on social media and electronic media for her past.

She honestly chose something and stood by it without giving excuses and her success in Bollywood proves that people like her for what she is. If an Indian woman can declare that having sex outside marriage is okay just by putting a hashtag “#mychoice” at the end of her statement and get away with it, then how can we not respect Sunny Leone’s choice just because she is not an Indian citizen?

Politics: Some of the politicians have also expressed their worries about the ill effects of Sunny Leone on our youth. But what is surprising is that when porn is watched inside the Indian Parliament, it doesn’t affect our youth at all. Probably because we all understand that whatever our ministers do in the parliament, it’s always morally, socially and ethically correct, whether it is watching porn, abusing each other, depicting violence and doing absolutely nothing. The rules of culture and society clearly do not apply to them. So no one needs to worry.

Few others were a step ahead and alleged that Sunny is somewhere responsible for increasing incidents of rape. Not only does it sound ridiculous, it also reflects the mindset of Indians that we are like monkeys who imitate whatever we see. We lack the sense of discrimination between right and wrong. What about those politicians who have had charges of rape against them? Hasn’t their presence in Indian politics corrupted the minds of some people who thought they could also walk free like them even after they commit a heinous crime like rape? When these politicians do scams and walk free or with minimal punishment, doesn’t our youth get affected and get drifted towards corruption?

Media: Indian media depicts the biggest irony of all times. A reporter seems to be grilling Sunny Leone with allegations that if she is using her body to earn money and doesn’t care about how her actions affect the people. How can he not realize that he himself is doing the same thing by using the same Sunny Leone’s body on his channel to beef up his TRPs and earn money? The media seems pretty okay with the way they show stories on prostitution, rapes, murders, and scandals. They do not realize that they also earn money by showing all kinds of dirt and vulgarity.

Sunny Leone

No matter what some haters and/or attention seekers say about Sunny Leone but the truth is crystal clear that Sunny Leone is an honest, courageous, sensitive, considerate, talented and successful woman who is here to stay for a long time because she is good at what she does, she has always been. It is high time that we get rid of our long-time hypocrisy and respect her for the kind of woman she really is.


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