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Indian Men Online: A Wake-Up Call for Change

Unhappy Woman At Home With Computer Being Bullied Online On Social Media


It’s a sad reality, but many Indian men who try to connect with women from other countries on social media often face rejection. As soon as a woman finds out that the man trying to talk to her is Indian, she often chooses to avoid him. This can be frustrating for Indian men who are polite and respectful in their interactions with women, but unfortunately it’s a common experience due to the actions of other Indian men.

Recently, an American woman decided to share her experience with Indian men online in an effort to shed some light on the situation. This woman, who loves to travel in India but doesn’t have a preference for Indian men, shared her thoughts with brutal honesty.

She explains that on her social media pages, she is primarily approached by Indian men of all ages, states, religions, education levels, and jobs. And unfortunately, her experience has been that many of these men immediately ask personal and inappropriate questions.

Some common questions include asking about what she is wearing, if her husband is home, if she gets along well with her husband, if she is currently in bed, and when she lost her virginity. These questions are often followed by even more inappropriate and offensive comments and requests.

The woman goes on to explain that unfortunately, many American women will block these men at this point, as it is very offensive to be asked these types of questions. She also notes that Indian men will often ask to see photos, including requests for specific types of photos such as cleavage shots and images of her in jeans.

The woman shares that she continues to engage with these men, despite their offensive behavior, because she believes that they are better than this. She feels that by patiently teaching them and helping them to understand the errors in their thinking, she can help them improve.

The woman also points out the hypocrisy in the way that Indian men view Indian women versus white women. She notes that Indian men often view Indian women as “goddesses” and “pillars” who deserve respect, while viewing white women as objects for sexual gratification.

It’s important to recognize that this woman’s experience is just one perspective, but it’s a valuable one that highlights the offensive and disrespectful behavior of some Indian men towards women online. It’s crucial for all of us to be aware of this and to actively work to change this behavior, by calling out and educating those who engage in it.

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