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Why are we even here? We see people running here and there as if it’s the end of the world, whereas in reality, we are living in an endless directionless loop. Something as simple as a genuine smile has become farfetched. And yet, happiness is nowhere to be seen in most people’s lists of priorities. We run after money, wealth and assets with no certain goal in mind. The more the merrier, it seems; but is it really?

The more money we accumulate, the greedier we become. And to conceal this greed, we make excuses like our needs have expanded. What if we are restrained in a locked room without food and water for 3-4 days straight? Won’t that immediately contract the boundaries of our needs?

Happiness lies in satisfaction, and we all agree on this. But where is the satisfaction when our needs are ever-expanding? The end to this endless race always seems to lie somewhere in the future. But with the kind of present we are living in, do we even have a future? Do we really have a purpose or are we just pretending to have one so our lives don’t seem futile?

We live to impress others. We speak to praise ourselves. We earn to accumulate wealth for us and for individuals we believe are ours. And we die trying to be someone we never were and never will be. Is this the kind of life we are born to live?

The human civilization has never been so lost in oblivion as it is now. We don’t find people having even a conversation about what really is important, because apparently, that doesn’t ‘earn‘ them anything. Is it all we have reduced ourselves to: ‘earnings’?

I feel we are meant to be a lot better than this. Even better than these Godmen or religious gurus we are quick to follow. In fact, we are bigger than our race, religion, color or gender. These are just identifiers we don’t really need. They don’t determine anything about our lives as long as we don’t let them.

I don’t know how old you are and how much life you are left with. But one thing is certain: until you stop, sit down and really think why you are here, whatever efforts you are putting into your life are a total waste.

That’s it, just think!

P.S. This post has nothing to do with spirituality, religion or following God. If you could only think about either of these things while reading, that’s one more thing you need to get over to understand life.


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