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Gone are the days when you could buy things based on how good their packaging looks or the fancy claims they showed in TV ads. Today, it has become imperative to do a thorough research on its composition and effects on the health before you welcome any new product in your home. From cleaning agents to cooking utensils, everything that is used in the households has betrayed us in the past and they might do the same still if we are not vigilant.

Choosing non-toxic is the way to go, if you want to avoid those sicknesses that pop up any time without any known cause. And to make matters worse, most of these are untreatable, so once they get you, you are forced to live with them for the rest of your lives. Diabetes, lung diseases, allergies and the worst, cancer are few such illnesses.

Besides, most of these products are as toxic to the environment as they are to humans. The toxic chemicals used in their preparation release toxic waste and pollute the planet in different ways.

Despite these dangers, why are we not seeing a revolution to quickly adopt everything non-toxic? Is it due to lack of awareness? To some extent, it is. We cannot expect every single consumer to set up a home lab and start testing every product for toxins. Neither can we expect everybody to miraculously see through the lies in those cleverly crafted ads. It is simply hard to be so cynical about everything we buy, so most of us rather choose to take a leap of faith.

Additionally, there are many practical problems when one ditches any conventional product and switches to non-toxic.

Non-Toxic Products Are Expensive

If non-toxic products were not so expensive to make, the manufacturers would have started making them long time ago. The production costs are exceptionally high. The raw material or ingredients are expensive to procure, and the manufacturing process becomes tedious if you cannot use those thickeners, gelatin, foaming agents, acidity regulators, preservatives (used in packed foods) etc. And in absence of these toxic yet magical chemicals, these products will have much lower shelf life which makes stock management very difficult.

A practical way to overcome this issue is to buy local. Local businesses have a limited reach, so they don’t need a year-long shelf life for their products. As they don’t have to reach potential customers around the world, they seldom face supply chain issues. Their marketing costs are also low, which means they can offer the same non-toxic products for much affordable prices.

Although you won’t be using a product from a famous international brand, but the quality could be far superior.

At times, the prices may not be as low as we want them to be, but hey, it is a little extra that we can pay for the sake of our health.

Going From Conventional To Non-Toxic Is Never Convenient

It’s true! When we are familiar with using a conventional product, switching to its non-toxic counterpart seems alien. Although, it may not be a rocket science but there is always an initial learning curve that requires time and patience to overcome.

We must constantly remind ourselves that this switch is going to be permanent. There is no way we can knowingly go back to something that has been making us sick. Moreover, the hassle of learning to use something new is balanced out by avoiding visiting hospitals later. Being on meds for the rest of our lives and seeing their side effects gradually suck the life out of us is a far worse experience than getting familiar with a new healthier product.

It Is Hard To Find Non-Toxic Alternatives

Sadly, not every unhealthy product we use has a healthier alternative in the market. This is where we need to use our wisdom and figure out which products we absolutely need and which ones we can do without. I stopped using deodorants when I realized that they were triggering breathing problems in my best friend. Few months ago, I stumbled upon a coconut oil-based natural deodorant and have been using it since.

There are many products that we can make at home if we can’t find them in the market. Natural toothpastes, hair conditioners, cleaning agents, and midnight snacks are few such products that you can easily find the recipe for and make at home. There are many YouTube channels, Reddit threads, health blogs, and discussion forums that offer this information. Just pick up your phone, open your browser and start looking.

Final Words…

Adapting to a non-toxic lifestyle is not something that one can do overnight. It comes with constraints like the few we just discussed. The key is to take it one step at a time, until you are satisfied that there is nothing in your house that is posing a threat to your health. And your actions will pay off in the form of a longer and healthier life for you and your family.

Long & Healthy Life - Choosing Non-Toxic


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