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People with better ideas

We all have come across such people who seemingly have below average intelligence and yet they are super-successful. What exactly did they do right?

On the other hand, those full of great ideas are living a life of mediocrity. Why? Is it because of some divine power at play?

Well, it is convenient to blame it all on luck, but what if we can figure it out once and for all, and do what is needed to change this scenario for good?

What Are You Doing Wrong?

The first step would be to accept that you are doing something wrong. And the next one would be to carefully analyze what makes you different from those lucky SOBs.

Letting Perfectionism Get The Better Of You

At first glance, being a perfectionist looks like a positive trait, but it has its problems.

Being a perfectionist comes with a constant tendency to spend more time than needed ironing out the nitty gritty flaws that do not matter as much for the outcome. One must realize that many of these habits are merely an obsession to do things perfectly, regardless of how well they need to be done. As a rule of thumb, one must deliver whatever meets the requirement and then some more… But that’s it!

Being A Cynical Self-Critique

While it is a good habit to critically analyze one’s own work to ensure it is the best version of itself, this approach is not always helpful. For instance, if a client has requested a 500-word article and the writer spends an entire day bringing up with the best piece, it is simply not worth it. It may turn out to be a great writing piece, but with pathetic time management skills, which looks unprofessional. Sometimes it is good to leave something to the editor/reviewer.

Letting Self-Doubt Hinder Actions

A mind full of ideas can also be a mind full of doubts. The tendency to constantly doubt their feasibility makes the most amazing ideas useless. A more effective approach would be to start working on something and keep learning on the go, rather than waiting to start until one has learnt everything. This wait is often endless!

Fear Of The Unknown

Our minds have a tendency to protect us from facing our worst fears and this invisible protective enclosure can be hard to break. Because doing something new makes one vulnerable to confrontations and embarrassments, the mind concludes that it is best to do nothing instead. While the phrase ‘face your fears’ is a cliché, it works like a charm – try it.

An effective way to deal with those fears is to stop getting emotionally attached to your work, and its outcomes: failure or success. While it is okay to celebrate achievements, expecting this thrill to last forever can be detrimental to one’s future efforts.

A simple hack is to let the piece of work take all the appreciation and criticism, and not let it get to you.

Bad Implementation

Implementing ideas is always a bigger challenge than coming up with good ideas. It requires effective communication, knowledge of practicality, and ability to take things from point A to point B.

The way one communicates an idea determines the whole course of action for the people involved. A great novel made into a bad movie is the perfect example of a badly communicated good idea.

Some ideas look great on paper, but they are impossible to put into action. For instance, having a romantic dinner with your date on the top of Burj Khalifa sounds great but there is a little problem – you can’t get the permission to do so.

The most difficult part is going from 0 to 1, but after that, it is a lot easier to build over it and reach 100. While it is normal to be scared to start, but you are a sure shot failure until you don’t. A great way to change that is to work with whatever you have and keep building over it through experimentation, observation, and revision.

There is only so much one can learn without doing; even if you know a little, just do something with it.

So next time you have a great idea, pick up a notepad or your favorite notes app, and make a plan of action. And before you know it, you would be making someone else jealous of what you can achieve.

Success achieved with better ideas


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