Fictional representation of real issues.

A Lotus In The Mud

Dilshad Ali and Tilak Raj have been selling Rajma Chawal and Curry Chawal for 3 years now in Sector 15 Market, Chandigarh. However, it isn’t just the delicious food they sell that makes their story worth sharing, but a tale of incredible friendship thrashing stigmas and stereotypes.

The Panchayat

“What a disgrace to her family!”, overheard the girl from a crowd of around 50 people surrounding her. She noticed few familiar faces. Her vision was slightly blurred by her tears but she could see her parents sitting right opposite her. The center of the attention though was the man...

That Soft Corner For Our Caste

Why is it that our caste or religion is way more important to us than humanity and the greater good of people? I wonder what these friends of mine would be like if the people of ISIS or other such terrorist organizations belonged to their caste as well. They would have certainly cried every time a terrorist was hanged to death by our law and protested against it in the same way they did for the reservation.